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‘Most grandmothers read fairy tales to their grandchildren. Mine would put me to bed with stories about unidentified audio events and facts about auditory perception.’

Her Voice

2019 6’ stereo 

A film by Katerina Athanasopoulou + Eleni Ikoniadou
Voice by Souzana Zamfe
Score by Savvas Metaxas
Commissioned by AUDINT
Funded by Arts Council England


Panel discussion + video presentation + trailer exhibition : Critical Costume Conference 2020 / online
Part of Festival Miden’s “ARTificial Intelligence” at the Jönköpings läns museum, Sweden, from May 30 to August 23, 2020
AUDINT Unsound:Undead / Arebyte Gallery, London/May 2019
Female Figures, LIAF / Barbican / December 2019

documentation from AUDINT Unsound:Undead/Arebyte Gallery/May2019/photo by Cathy Greenhalgh

stills from Her Voice