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‘Most grandmothers read fairy tales to their grandchildren. Mine would put me to bed with stories about unidentified audio events and facts about auditory perception.’

Her Voice

2019 6’ stereo 

Abandoning the cinematic widescreen whilst anticipating the agency of the ghost rising, Her Voice foresees the peripatetic viewer of the gallery perusing, pausing or trailing through. The film investigates notions of Maskirovka, a military strategy of deception through surprise, simulation and camouflage. Her Voice also works on a level of Maskirovka - as one of the intrinsic qualities of animation is that it confesses from the start that this has never been real before, not until it is played out.

A film by Katerina Athanasopoulou + Eleni Ikoniadou
Voice by Souzana Zamfe
Score by Savvas Metaxas
Commissioned by AUDINT
Funded by Arts Council England


Panel discussion + video presentation + trailer exhibition : Critical Costume Conference 2020 / online
Part of Festival Miden’s “ARTificial Intelligence” at the Jönköpings läns museum, Sweden, from May 30 to August 23, 2020
AUDINT Unsound:Undead / Arebyte Gallery, London/May 2019
Female Figures, LIAF / Barbican / December 2019

documentation from AUDINT Unsound:Undead/Arebyte Gallery/May2019/photo by Cathy Greenhalgh

stills from Her Voice