Doctoral research, completed January 2024

Walking away from VR as ‘empathy-machine’: peripatetic animations with 360 photogrammetry

Plymouth University and the 3D3 compendium

My AHRC-funded practice-as-research PhD partakes in an expanded documentary practice that weaves together walking, poetry, immersive technologies, and moving image. Central to my approach is the multifaceted notion of Peripatos  ̶  as a school of philosophy, a stroll-like walk, and the path where the stroll takes place, manifested both corporeally and as 'playful curiosity'.

The thread that interweaves practice and theory has my body-moving in the centre; I call it the ‘camera-walk’: a processional, performative shoot that documents a real place and the bodies that make it, while my hand holds high a camera-on-a-stick shooting 360-video. The resulting spherical video feeds into photogrammetric digital processing, and reassembles into digital 3D models that form the starting ground for still images, a site-specific installation, augmented reality (AR) exchanges, and short animated films. Within the collaborative projects* presented within my thesis, I move away from the colonialist-inspired ideal of ‘walking in someone else’s shoes’, and ‘tread softly’ along the footsteps of my co-walkers.

* follow the links to watch the documentation of Deep Waters and a trailer for The distance between the staircase and the sky, and see further below for Polykatoikia: Peripatos.

Conference Papers

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Cheiropoieton ©Katerina Athanasopoulou 2018

Varybombi burnt forest ©Katerina Athanasopoulou 2021

Stills from Polykatoikia:Peripatos ©Katerina Athanasopoulou 2022

Stills from The Distance between the staircase and the sky © Athanasopoulou 2022

Images from the ‘camera-walk’ and its SfM photogrammetric processing

‘Polykatoikia:Peripatos’ and ‘The distance between the staircase and the sky’

DIGITAL FLOW/S : An Exhibition Celebrating the 3D3 Doctoral Training Partnership

DIGITAL FLOW/S, which took place at Sparks Bristol in September 2023, offered the viewer a chance to experience a curated survey of practice-research produced by students and alumni from the 3D3 Doctoral programme, an AHRC-funded centre for doctoral training and a collaboration between Falmouth University, University of Plymouth, and UWE Bristol.  With a commitment to pioneer practice research in the digital creative arts, since 2014, 3D3 has trained interdisciplinary practitioner-researchers, and supported their ventures into cutting edge research in the interrelated fields of digital design, media, and arts.

I exhibited two films together. Polykatoikia:Peripatos (2022) is a split screen documentation of an AR exchange with the poet Sotiris Koutsoukos. Within an eight-floor building in Athens, the photogrammetric model of the building’s central staircase - created from a ‘camera-walk’ - was installed in its place of origin. The distance between the staircase and the sky (2022) is the short poetry film that derived from that very exchange, after Koutsoukos wrote a poem which became the spine (or staircase) for the film. Side-by-side, the two films converse; Polykatoikia:Peripatos is methodological and processual, revealing the bodies engaged in peripatetic dialogue; The distance between the staircase and the sky is a darkly playful journey into a new planet made from an old building, that re-imagines the everyday as otherwordly.

documentation video material © 3D3