Branches of Life

2016 6’ stereo

A woman under sedation for a lung operation sinks inside her own unconscious. Made for Body Of Songs and Andreya Triana's Branches Of Life.

A film by Katerina Athanasopoulou
Song by Andreya Triana
Commisioned by Cast Iron Radio & Recording for Body of Songs

Branches of Life was part of Body of Songs, a project that brings together clinicians and artists who create original work based on individual organs. I worked with Andreya Triana's breathtaking song, based on the Lungs.

I was inspired by Andreya's own experience of observing a bronchoscopy and I also had the honour of observing a lung operation at the University College Hospital at Westmoreland Street. This encounter not only illuminated the Lungs but also gave me a glimpse of the amazing spirit of the NHS.

Branches of Life follows a woman under sedation for a lung operation, sinking in her own unconscious. The film was created in CGI, as a journey of a deep-sea diver within the landscape of the Lungs. I was delighted to speak about the inspiration and process behind the film at Directors Notes.


Best Animation & Best Film Score - The International Cancer Sucks Festival, May 2016


Festival Miden at Cairo Video Festival, Egypt, 2017

Festival Miden at [BOX] Video Art Project Space, Italy, 2017

London Short Film Festival, 2017

Interfilm Festival/KUKI, Germany, 2016

Underwire Festival, UK, 2016

Leeds Festival, UK, 2016 (Branches of Life)

Aesthetica Film Festival, UK, 2016

Sedicicorto Festival, Italy, 2016

Animasyros Festival, Syros, Greece, 2016

Festival Miden, Kalamata, Greece, 2016

International Cancer Sucks Festival, London, 2016